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The past few weeks since I started #shesatomboy have been quite interesting: the reactions, comments and the unending talks about this ‘new’ person that I have become. I smile through it all, make fun or just let it pass at times.

This question keep’s coming up in any gathering: What’s with the boyish look?

 Most of the time I am tempted to tell them, actually I tell them, I am my father’s son! Yes, I am my father’s son :), he calls me his son all the time. Growing up with three brothers and in an extended family that has more men than women, you become: ‘a brother’, ‘a nephew’ and that  go to boy. I have more guy friends than ladies (dear bae if you are reading this, I still got you at heart), I mean it’s easier being with guys. Being with girls means you have to have some hot gossip, talk about new make up discoveries, clothes and jewellery collections… oh boy, these are things I just need once in a long while.

The guys keep you in check on your knowledge of what is happening : new technological trends, what adventurous things to try, if and when it has to be gossip, then it’s sports… I mean, who wouldn’t want these?

 So why the boyish look?

  • It’s easy and I don’t have to keep shopping every other time. Look at it this way, how many colors do I need in my wardrobe: Blue, black,brown ,white,grey and just a little drop of the other colors…

  • Flexibility- I am your typical jumpy girl. I want to try catch birds that are feeding by the road side, I want to kick  random stones/bottles on my way, I will try fix my broken sink and faulty cables in the house. How much of these can I do in a skirt, heels, make up, long nails…

  • Less trips to the salon – I don’t like the hair drier, the hair relaxers haven’t been my scalp’s best friend, threading/ tweezing is too painful an experience to go through every month. All I need is to visit my barber, sit through for 20 minutes getting his views on the Kenyan politics and that’s it for my month.

  • The look goes so well with any beer opening tricks –  I love beer and each time I am out with the boys, I have to try out the bottle opening tricks. Imagine am all made up, a little clevage in that little black dress, popping my beer open by hitting it at the edge of the table or better still, using the lever mechanism to open beer with another beer… no girl does that.

  • Comfort – we have all been in trousers, loose tops, nice flat shoes and we know how that feels. You know deep down how fast you want the day to end so you can get rid of the high heels to relieve the muscle aches, the push up bra, clear your face off the make up… why go through the torture?

  • This is my life every day …

    This is who I am, when and if called for an occasion, I dress up the woman within.

    Photography by : 9th Wonder


IMG_4876Happy New Month


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