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I am meeting an old friend from my teenage years, you know those bucket list kind of things 🙂 . It’s  been over ten years since we met, thanks to social media, here we are . A million thoughts are running through my head: will I still like his face, has he grown a bald head, is he walking around with a ‘big insulted six pack’,will he show up with his wife and kids (people have a weird sense of humor), has life been kind to him…There is very little about him online, so am somewhat allowed to let these thoughts cross my mind

Much of our “dates” were those school games trips…in white t-shirts, short tennis skirts, white socks, sports shoes and a badminton racket by my side. So, what to wear? Black tops the list in most uncertainties, then a little red because red has a special place in my heart.

My next worry is the meeting location! We are meeting in Kakamega, Western Kenya. What do I have in mind…I want quiet but not confined, I need to play around and enjoy the nature . That’s how I settled for crying stones of Ilesi, which is about 10 minutes drive from the town center. This is one place I had never been to, you actually see the stone peeping by the roadside as you enter or leave the town.

Our guide for the day is 12 year old Sam.With his toy (Catapult),he narrates the myths and folklore, and keeps us interested all through.  He has quite mastered their history,which was very impressive. He volunteers to help with the photos, gives instructions on how to walk through the rocks and makes sure we don’t leave without tipping the women waiting by the rocks (there are no standard rates, so it basically depends on how well you negotiate) .

I went, saw, had a good time… and ooh, all those things about him that were running in my 🙂 … He is still as good looking as back then, and yes, the years have been nice to him.

For more details about the rocks, you can check the following link:















Happy New year..




9 thoughts on “Of friends and sites…

  1. Its like you read my mind and put it on paper, met an old friend during the holiday and much of what you have written were my exact thoughts, am glad I can relate, kudos on the excellent piece.

  2. Great start in 2016, awesome site and looking great as always. Looking forward to many more blogs this year.

  3. Its always amaze balls to revisit our younger days, our choices then and see how they shaped us into the beings that we are today. Our past,future and present always meet at a junction or so I think.

  4. Enjoyed this piece. The last time I was those sides though (this was in November 2014),the stone was not visible from the road. Too many trees obscuring the view. Walikata hizo miti?

  5. Wow!!! Now this is an extra-ordinary kinda blog. I love the black on you and I am glad to have shared your youthful years those were great times. I am still waiting for the things on your mind hehe. Muchos amor gal.

  6. Now, I stopped by here for obvious reasons….just to see if…oh well let’s just say that is a story for another day, no?

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