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The waist coat…


This is for the official days…chic with some room to be a little bit jumpy. I am somewhat skeptical on the choice of top, I would have gone for a plain blouse/shirt… though this human who gives a final say on my choice of girly stuff, thinks otherwise 🙂

The waist coat is a little reminder to self that formal dressing to the office is necessary every once in a while… (seeing as I am rarely in formal wear). It completes the package and gives the perfect statement at work

As for the choice of shoes, that is totally driven by comfort, a pair that I can walk in through out the day without being forced to carry an extra pair.

Final look, just perfect ! What are your thoughts…

Photography by:  9th Wonder

shoot location: Savannah coffee lounge- upperhill






Have a lovely day 🙂

Meanwhile, we are doing a count down to Valentine’s day…The Arsenal match…


19 thoughts on “The waist coat…

  1. Am almost always in casual wear ,smart casual is that day that I really have outdone myself……pros of working in the village but am thinking I can pull off a half coat too,with a skirt though.Long luhya legs like to play.Oooh and the comfy shoes never gets old.l like.
    Beautiful as always.

  2. Hold up…not too fast Miss Achieng! The waist coat is what was always known as cravat? Or that is totally something else???
    I can actually borrow this look and I have shoes like those….ni trouser tu sitavaa.

    Keep us on toes dear!

  3. Love love waistcoats! You’ve pulled this one off.
    If the fit is right and the narrow part falls in the right place(not too short or too long..just on the waist) it’s a sure winner. I like them with wide-legged pants. Very figure flattering IMO.
    Great post!


  4. Love love waist coats!
    The right fit is key-too short or too long, you can miss the essence of the waist coat. When the narrow part is at the waist area and fitting and the armholes are the right size, you have a sure winner. I wear them with wide-legged trousers. Quite figure flattering.

    Great post and blog.


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