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May Bow Tie Edition…

Shesatomboy Joan's Bowtie-1-3

Have you ever tried starting out on  something different,  well thought out plan, the excitement that builds up, the braveness beyond all the unknowns,the well thought out answers to questions that might be thrown your way? Then there is fear, fear reminds us how cool our comfort zones are, how we can’t handle new waves and further showcases just how best placed we are in the moment…


Shesatomboy Joan's Bowtie-1-20


Meeting Joan today (remember her from this post) is  entering my discomfort zone. It’s somewhat easy working with the usual team. I mean, we are no strangers to each other but today we are sharing a piece of our world and walking into someone else’s world.  I am afraid of opening up to a “stranger”. Worse yet , before the perfect shot there is a whole lot of work to be done and am wondering if she will be at ease with it all.

Shesatomboy Joan's Bowtie-1-9

I have been deliberating on how to go about this…but well, we have been chatting over the past few days and I kept reassuring her that this was going to be fun. I can’t let my face show how tense I am in the moment.

So here is what we are going to do: Lights, Camera… let’s have Fun!

Photographer: Evans Ogeto

Bow tie: Gift

Socks: Happy socks

Patent leather shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Shirts, trousers  : Toi Market

Shesatomboy Joan's Bowtie-1-1

Shesatomboy Joan's Bowtie-1-5

Shesatomboy Joan's Bowtie-1-10Shesatomboy Joan's Bowtie-1-15Shesatomboy Joan's Bowtie-1-19



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