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She's A Tomboy turns one…

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Yes we turn one…

For the first time in like forever, I can fully account for all the months in the past year. I can describe  each feeling that every month aroused, the thoughts I have battled with, the ghosts I have managed to face head on and the little moments that have been my happiest.

When I put up my second post which was actually meant to be my first , a friend  asked me this: huu ni kama mwiba wa kujidunga na hakuna kutoka, uko tayari? Swahili for: this is like a thorn in the flesh and there is no turning back, are you ready?  At this point anything that could go wrong flashed right in… I wasn’t sure I wanted to go on!

See, this was one last chat with the team before clicking on the go live button…then this got me on my feet; “it’s so new and unexplored, let’s do this”. Who doesn’t need such friends…I mean.

So as we mark the end of the first 12 months, here are my  best lessons so far:

Truths : I have had to learn how to take in some of the most harsh truths and using them as tools of growth.

Gratitude: In every little way that it is delivered, goes a long way.

Bigger listening ears: Ideas have come from all the Tomboy conversations, with time the ears just know what to pick and that in turn increases their size.

Friends: having a good support system is very important. Days get rough, ideas don’t just come,necessary people to keep sane, moments need to be celebrated…that’s what good friends are for.

Faith: It doesn’t matter how small it is, you have to believe that God has got you covered.

Elated is how I feel and above all, I am grateful that you keep coming back.

Photographer : Evans Ogeto

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As we begin the second year, I would like to hear more from you. So today after you read this, please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on what you would like to see on She’s A Tomboy.

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18 thoughts on “She's A Tomboy turns one…

  1. Happy one year may you experience joy ,fulfilment and growth as you journey to inspire us.I pray that you realize your maximum potential.
    Are you expecting gifts?..hides.


  2. Indeed opening your life to the world is no easy thing. Lord knows my kinda thoughts on this. Keep on keeping on. I am always here to support you. On the ideas…hmmmmnnnn well, just keep us glued 😁😁

  3. Congrats on this milestone. And, keep in mind that success is 10% luck and 90% hard work. Of course, your mixed bag of lessons, criticisms, praise, hesitation, elation…. Its part of the journey. I like it that you recognise that the biggest journey is inside, where growth is sometimes a whisper to an attitude, or a fear gently caressed, or sometimes chord hummed where there was music before. Let’s await your next instalment. Happy birthday.

  4. first time seeing here..i have subscribed without even perusing the sure il enjoy myself..congratulations and all the best!!

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