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A walk down the memory lane at the Nairobi national musuem


A number of times we want to be in places that make us feel like home or remind us of our beginnings. Little pieces that say, this is where it all began and these are the strides and struggles that made this place home. Sweet endless seductive whispers that won’t stop reminding you that your every being belongs here in Kenya.

A walk through the Nairobi museum is sensational. You see it in the preserved heritage: some framed, some curved,some frozen and some written on the walls. A walk through every corridor or hall is a flow of what has made this country:the tribes and cultures that make us ,the people who fought for it and the weapons they used.

Fauna has either been frozen or sculpted, with descriptions of the species well placed next to them. Moments that help you appreciate nature. Everything in here is calm and beautiful, you could almost feel them smile to thank you for visiting.

The magnificence of the historical attire and musical instruments sits tall in transparent glass frames. You would be tempted to pull out a horn to blow. Looking at the beads, hides and skins brings one question to mind: when did the length of clothes start to matter?

There is a lot to see and  learn from here if you make time for it. The location and prices are quite conducive for everyone any day of the month. Check the details here. Tag along a friend or family, it’s goodness is worth sharing. I was there with three of my favorite humans at this point in life.

Looking for something to do over the weekend, Nairobi National museum might just be the place you need to visit.



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