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The tuxedo shirt…


Is it me or is everyone getting married?

 Today’s look is finding out how the tuxedo shirt  will look on me because this is on top of the list to replace the/ that evening dress.

So, in protest (all pun intended) to all my friends whose weddings are scheduled for 2017, this is to officially let you know that I will not be doing dresses! You all know that I love black and white so these will be the colors to play with.

There are two things that fascinate me about a tuxedo shirt: the pleated top and  how the collar stands out. The collar could either be: a wingtip (what I am wearing), president spread, English spread or cutaway collars. The bow-tie completes the look.

The other black pieces are a combination of my daily wear to try bring out the formal look.

Any thoughts? Feel free to share

Photography by : Otieno Nyadimo

Makeup by : Marrie Kal



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