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Making a statement with white…

Some days are about you, celebrating the little things that make you the best version of yourself.

 To the days you have had to pat yourself on the back because no one noticed the effort you put in. To that one time the only voice you had to listen to to go the extra mile was your inner voice.

Above all, to those moments you thought you would never make it…and here you are!

Just in case you forget, here is a reminder…

“There is and can only be one YOU ,therefore, don’t be someone you are not. Don’t waste away as an imitate  because imitation is a limitation.The world is desperate for originals.Look your part and make it count”…. Joan

Photography by:

Otieno Nyadimo

Shoot location:

View point – Mai Mahiu road

DSC08018 as Smart Object-1

DSC08023 as Smart Object-1

DSC08014 as Smart Object-1

DSC08025 as Smart Object-1DSC08029 as Smart Object-1

DSC08034 as Smart Object-1Viewpoint -3


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