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Trapped in an enchantment…

Time after time, I have convinced myself why love is not for me. I have a mind and heart  that doesn’t seem to like one thing for far too long. Anytime something appears to be more exciting than the previous exciting thing, the goal post shifts.

I am in love….

Real Tomboy Short and Coat April 2017-13

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Real Tomboy Short and Coat April 2017-15Real Tomboy Short and Coat April 2017-10

Real Tomboy Short and Coat April 2017-12

Finally, someone managed to sweep me off my feet. I hate to admit  it, but who am I? They got to my heart. See, there is someone you meet in life, who understands you! That person whose eye for detail will change the perspective of your fixed mind. Their passion and craft will be a haven for your fears.

 Omina Otsieno has become that person! This week when she said there was a delivery for me followed with some disclaimers; Kitenge African print, not flowery (I love to hold my flowers not wear them) and somewhat bright. For a moment there, my heart skipped. Well, I haven’t been a fan of kitenge, though seeing that every time I have seen Omina’s work, something new is awakened inside… I agreed to it.

It was instant love when I received the package with a bow-tie, jacket and shorts … Well, I paired them up in the 3 most practical ways I could think of.

What’s your favorite?

Photography by : Evans Ogeto

Take two 🙂

Real Tomboy Short and Coat April 2017-4Real Tomboy Short and Coat April 2017-3Real Tomboy Short and Coat April 2017-1

Take three 🙂

Real Tomboy Short and Coat April 2017-6Real Tomboy Short and Coat April 2017-8Real Tomboy Short and Coat April 2017-7

Love & Love



13 thoughts on “Trapped in an enchantment…

  1. This is by far my all time favourite look… Love love…. If only my hips could fit in that short… looking gorgeous

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