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Lord Egerton’s Castle…

I love love stories, we all do or at one point loved love! For whatever it made us feel or in helping define the people that we became.

Lord Egerton’s Castle, well known as “the castle of unrequited love”, is a beautiful place. It’s enchanting beauty welcomes you to the home of; a once heart broken man. A man who spent the best he thought would win the heart of a woman he loved.

It’s a place worth visiting, for both the story of love not reciprocated and the magnificent architecture of the castle. It sits 14km’s away from Nakuru town in the small township of Njoro, easy to locate (if you trust the Google maps lady) and the entry fee is only Ksh 150 per person.

So, the next time you are in Nakuru..this might just be that little detour that you need.


Red coat: Gift

Shirt: Toi Market

Shoes: Thrift


Evans Ogeto


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