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When you no-longer love you!

A couple of months ago, I received a friend request on Facebook, followed by a comment on one of my public posts to check my inbox. Ok, I get these a lot, so I am sure you are wondering why this particular mention. Wait for it!

There are things that get your attention and go straight to a part of your heart, mind and soul faster than you would ever imagine. You read through, take a deep breathe,compose yourself, and then, find a proper way to respond.

Why am I dwelling on this?

That particular message, that message , which I would have otherwise ignored or just said no to, and moved on, changed my perspective on matters She’s A Tomboy. The faith and courage of that reader  has given She’s A Tomboy a new lease on life (because I know what it takes, to let out our fears to strangers ). It has as well, led to the birth of a new series on the blog.

Photography by : Evans Ogeto


I want to start by sharing the magical message:

"I so want you to dress me and give me fashion advice. #Tomboy at heart always!!!! 
I hate conforming to what a woman , a "mother" of 3" plus size woman should be. 

I want a whole new look. I have come from a point off not loving my 110KGS body 
after 3 kids, (when I got married, I was 69KGS). To a point of FUCK IT , I love me 
and I will work on me. I have run 2, 10KM  and one, 21KM marathon so far, and working 
at getting back to loving me in all ways. 

When you get to 40 you embrace the #FUCKIT philosophy, only please yourself!

18 - 39 , you spend trying to please other people with no success...after that you 
get selfish.

I don't do dresses... I can count on both hands what I have. 
Freeze and shine and looking good for others comes after , is it practical! "

About The Metamorphosis series…

We have all been here before, in our own special ways, seen our bodies go through different seasons. Maybe you succeeded in loving yourself allover again, maybe you are still struggling at it. It is my prayer and hope, that you have not given up on you. But if you have, I hope that The Metamorphosis will give you a new ray of hope because;

The Metamorphosis  is a series that will be handy in reminding everyone of us that ,we are the best version of ourselves and no one can take that away from us. Seasons will change! Skinny, fleshy, hair will fall off or life will leave us with scars of beauty. But, in all these we have to love who we become.

So, feel free to send in those questions, comments and those awesome messages. You just never know whose life you might change.

Love & love.









17 thoughts on “When you no-longer love you!

  1. Great and inspiring piece! (like everyone else the pic caught my attention…”sometimes life throws us all sorts of curve balls, we don’t know how strong we are until we come out on the other side” looking forward to more…

  2. wow, am just out of words. I always read your blog silently but I had to comment on this. its just an awesome one. Thanks for sharing this.

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