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Let’s Eat… Salads never tasted this good!

I don’t cook as much as any normal person does because I don’t like doing dishes!!!

Seriously, I love food. I am generally not very picky when it comes to what to eat. Give me any kind of food and you win my heart.

Today I am sharing a piece of someone’s heart. A guy that I totally respect and adore because he speaks a language that my heart comprehends… FOOD! So, I want us to take a walk together through our 45 minutes with Ray in preparing these three tasty salads.

I would love to take the credits for this but well, I did more eating than taking part in the preparation.

Ray’s Chicken Salad

This is his signature salad, the blend of everything on the plate leaves you craving for more.

Want to try? Here is the magical recipe:

Thai Chicken  Stir – Fry

This was my personal favorite, it’s meaty,spicy and nutty. So much goodness in one plate.

Try this, please please. You will thank me later.

Banana & Apple Salad

I call this quick way to get to heaven. Super easy to make and tastes like the best place you have been to so far.

Should you find yourself stuck and hungry, with no idea of what to make, here goes your first aid…

Feel free to try out the recipes and let me know how that goes.

You can also check for more recipes.

Photography: Evans Ogeto

Saladmeister: Ray

Love & Love.


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