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Edition 6. The JW show

Last weekend, I had the honor of attending for the first time ever, a fashion show event. The show was organised by JW – Just to set things straight, JW is Jeffrey Wilson and thus the name of the show “JW Show”. In it’s 6th year, I must admit that everything in the show was giving a deserving attention.

All the designs showcased, are made by Kenyans and it was quite incredible seeing how much talent was on display. This was showcased in the choice of fabric, patterns, boldness in design and the models who brought all these to life.

So, today I am sharing my favorite looks from the show. My choice was basically focused on practicality of design. I love seeing pieces that can be worn on a normal day: simple yet elegant if you get it.

Photography BY : Otieno Nyadimo

Event: The 6th Edition of the JW show

1. The winner’s collection – Hausvaleriaa

An androgynous collection, layered with different types of fabrics and patterns. I found these quite exciting because it’s a style that I resonate with.

DSC06424 as Smart Object-1

DSC06427 as Smart Object-1

DSC06428 as Smart Object-1


DSC06419 as Smart Object-1


2. Second favorite collection – Liznjorogecollection

I found these quite clean and lean in design. The solid color just did the magic for me.

DSC06479 as Smart Object-1

3. Third favorite look


4. Athleisure

Perfect collection for sporty days

Finally, what we wore to the show…

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