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17 Lessons Learned along the way in 2017…

My best in 2017:

2017 is one of my favourite years so far. The people and the choices in it have left lessons that I will forever carry with me.

So, in today’s post, I share my best 17 lessons from this year. I hope the year has been kind to you all…

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Photography by: Otieno Nyadimo

1.Be kind to strangers, it does more good to your conscience than theirs.

2.Get lost in a foreign country or go on a trip with a total stranger, everyone deserves such thrills.

3. Show people how you feel about them, especially those that you genuinely love, what they do with it is their problem.

4. Be brave enough to stop and feel your pain, just don’t dwell on it for too long.

5. It’s OK to admit that you are not OK, that’s strength.

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6. Take time to make time, show up!

7. Your health, your priority…

8. Randomly smile at babies, then enjoy the magic when they smile back.

9. Spend sometime alone…serenity is good for your soul.

10. Family is everything! Spend most if not all your time with them, there in lies your strength.

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11. Find something that you really enjoy getting lost in… Not a person.

12. Have faith no matter how little, that God has you covered.

13. Every once in a while, take time to appreciate nature; sunsets, count stars, dance in the rain, enjoy the feeling of sand under your feet… Nature is healing.

14. That thing that you always wanted to do but kept postponing… Just do it.

15. Run away from that one person who only sees your worth when they have something to gain out of it.


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16. Take pride in who you are and pick battles that only bring out the best in you…your whole life depends on it…

17.  Keep those friends who are bluntly honest with you…and be that friend to someone else too.

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Thank You for being part of the journey.

Love & Love


15 thoughts on “17 Lessons Learned along the way in 2017…

  1. Well said .I absolutely can’t agree more.However,you didn’t put your finger on finances and maybe something on relationship ,does that mean you’d a blissful year in as much as the two are concerned? just food for thought.
    I have managed to pick a lot from the post.Thanks for keeping it alive.

  2. Also I appreciate you guys, no one can be a tomboy by looking a wearing style. Just in case she’s lesbian. Myself I real like meanswear but am not a tomboy or lesbian. In societies the way you act like …………..I has many many.😍

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