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Black… My go to color


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Ever wanted to just have a seamless morning… not much thought on what to wear, a pick and go kind of morning?

It’s Monday morning, God knows how many times you have snoozed the alarm. Your last snooze was to last just five minutes, at this point your bed, sheets and blankets are giving you the perfect cuddle, your sleep is playing along to their tune too. You don’t remember hearing the alarm go off, in your mind,  you’ve only slept for seven minutes,an extra two minutes is just fine anyone would understand, right?

You slowly turn to look at your watch, gracefully hoping you’ll still have a few more minutes to sleep and boom! All you have left is 5 minutes preparation time. What to do first and fast? Bathroom affairs are not negotiable, next should be what to wear depending on whatever order you decide: good for you if you choose what to wear in advance, I don’t 🙂

That’s where my black on black and more black comes in. I mean, no color coordination, no need to check if the prints go well with each other. By any chance if there will be any ironing needed, I kill that idea. I mean, you can’t miss something that will stretch out at the sight  of your curves and some nice piece that will automatically straighten at the very moment it feel’s your body heat…

By now I cannot resist the temptation to wear black, and I know just how much the color can command: power, elegance, hide some extra fat and just give me that completeness that I need to start my week.

What does your black do for you?







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7 thoughts on “Black… My go to color

  1. Black also does it for me. I have like 12 black tights I can wear and wear. Nice read Rael. Keep them coming. Hizi mambo za fashion blog Ni too much. We need a breathe of fresh air.

    Na Kama si black a dull colour next to black. Navy blue, grey, jungle green, Ile dark purple smh.
    Nikisnooze alarm naamka Kama Ni half a second to time. Jump out of bed shower then throw a tshirt a jeans AMA tights. Slip on rubbers then dash just in time to catch the vehicle to work. Amazing right?

  2. A new survey says those who wear black are actually seen as serious reliable and solid players. It channels confidence. So go on and add this to the reasons u pull off this monochrome like a pro.
    Black is the new black.

  3. Black is my everyday as well. Well, I will always start my morning ritual where I snooze from 4.30 t0 5.30 daily with intervals of 10 minutes leaving me with 5 minutes to squeeze my luhya ass into the black nylon tights, throw a black shirt and black trousers in my gym bag and literally sprint to the gym where i meet my younger sister in her brightly colored pink tights and her good morning greeting will be something like ‘ Di you need some color in your life, you are too conservative!’ Priiiiisssss.

    Then of course i have to comment about this blog! The same sister is always in my house all weekends watching this programme on DSTV called Fashion Blog which i find too painful to watch myself, no offense, simply because i cant relate. But this particular blog i can definitely relate with, except for the white pants and pink shirt which i am working on the courage and the figure to rock. My dreams are valid, vision 2030.

    Just for the record, i hate ironing.

    Good Job Rael.

  4. I relate with you on this, black on black anytime, anywhere. It’s not stressful to rock that look and it always comes out perfect. I love your blog can’t wait for your next post. Doing great

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