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Photographer :Evans Ogeto

Shoot location:K.I.C.C, Nairobi, Kenya.

Who doesn’t have that one dress that suits  all their  girly needs without much thought: a random date, a fine night out or better yet, one to flaunt in all your curves?

This is that dress for me, I have had it for about 4 years now 🙂 …my weight has not changed much in this period…and ooh the shoes, my one and only black pair of heels (That were bought for a friend’s wedding in 2013 😉 ).

Impressed? Let me know…Meanwhile I am accepting gifts in form of black heels :).






13 thoughts on “Impress…

  1. Stunner alert.This is your best look yet…….in my eyes anyway.If only my opinion mattered.
    Funke is probably having a wedding soon enlist as a brides maid to get another swanky pair of heels or better yet raid Bs closet
    All I can get you is converse coz those I have an eye for.

  2. looking stunning in that dress.I have a green dress that always flatter my figure but its now old…hunting for the exact design

  3. Question one…when are we going back to the Tomboy look?
    Question two…Where did you buy that dress? I need one for me in 6 months time.
    Question three…why do you look good in everything?

    Ok ok…now you look good that we agree, and yes I can relate I have that girlie dress that I can swop for any occasion even an interview.

    1. Answer 1 : very soon, keep refreshing your page 🙂
      Answer 2: I got the dress from one of those stalls in westlands just behind the bus park, can’t remember the name though
      Answer 3: Thank you…

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