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Out and About…Rapids Camp Sagana


Photographer: Evans Ogeto

It’s mid week, I should be on my office desk but well, in the background,I can hear Reddington and Mr.Solomon (Edi Gathegi) from blacklist the TV series :). You want us to switch places, right…wait…

That’s not exactly what is on my mind, this place is: Rapids camp Sagana.

I want to go back to it’s serenity, the gentleness of it’s well manicured green grass caressing the soles of my feet. I want to listen once more to the waterfall swishing over the rocks and let my mind take me to places,  just comfortable for the two of us…

Assemble my small tent and sleep under the stars, be woken in the middle of the night with the cricket sounds, barking dogs and the whistling winds…fall off the tiny mattress (Goodness, can there be bigger camping mattresses?)

Jump in the river and kayak. Here, only two things matter: focusing on the destination and how well you can paddle. I think this is how simple life is but somehow we complicate it.

I want to get lost in what happens if the kayak over turns or what happens if I hit a rock or how well I will remember to paddle harder in time of a wave.

I am tempted to pull these girls sitting on the rocks to come feel the peace in the river. Well, I can’t because I know that they are all too afraid of the pounding waterfall and anything could go wrong.

I’m scared too but I will not let my fear take control, so I will breathe in, scream aloud and just enjoy the tranquility.

The good part is, I’ve been there and done that :)…I just want to go there one more time 🙂






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Happy New Month.




12 thoughts on “Out and About…Rapids Camp Sagana

  1. Love, laughter & friendship….
    Awesome time spent with the girls..
    Looking forward to many more like ths..

    1. Thank you for the compliments :). It’s a nice and calming place, you should visit someday and don’t forget to put your adrenaline to test

  2. What a nice read and review it’s, you have really brought Rapids camp Sagana to life by word power (Simply Orgasmic) . Shared it on my twitter account @movepap.. KUDOS!!!!

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