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The Leap of Champions…

There are days that life is best lived on the edge, quite literally.

As I stand on the edge of this tall structure, my waist and feet connected to an elastic cord, looking at the vast horizon, the only thing running on my mind is: do you have to do this?It is so scary up here!

The kind of thoughts blocked on my mind range from: What is the aging warranty of this structure (wear and tear issues)? When was the last time it was replaced? What is the tested speed of wind that will guarantee a safe landing?What’s the worst that can happen?The success stories of other jumps does not guarantee my safety. That in actual sense means that my odds of having a disastrous jump just got higher.

You know what Rael, Just jump, you will arrive alive. So, take a deep breathe and enjoy!

Bungee location: Adrift adventures

Photography: Adrift




Happy Monday.


18 thoughts on “The Leap of Champions…

  1. I can imagine your thoughts at the time, just like you given a chance, I’d just jump and enjoy. I bet you enjoyed yako yote. When I grow up…

  2. Since its my birthday and hakuna mention kwa blog how about Yu take me for bungee jumping. I can strap lil Nate on my belly as we are released into the water… I like the whole 9yards kinda thing.

  3. Eeeei bado sijajiua nikiona!!I like tthat you are human enough to admit that it scared the hell out of you but brave enough to actually jump…..You do have the right sized set of balls atattached……..did mention I wouldn’t?

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