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Mid year wrap up

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You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.
— Roman Payne

Photography: Evans Ogeto

With half the year gone, it’s amazing  to look back and appreciate how this dream of She’s a Tomboy has beautifully transformed to a reality. A little inner voice that is becoming an everyday inspiration. I was afraid, somewhat felt lost when I started this, with your feedback and enthusiasm, the pieces are fitting into place. Not all rosy, but with every challenge, the outcome is a beautiful song to dance to.

The year started with a little walk in the past to meet an old flame one of those bucket list kind of things, trying out a little shiny something to show casing one of my favorite looks for the official days and finally admitting my obsession for black.

In between, the girl that I can be was brought out thanks to the love month. Trying out  that one dress for all the random girly needs. Took a trip to the serenity of  Rapids camp Sagana (Someone please take me back) completing all these with the African mother in-law show up kind of dress.

Life hit really hard and I had to take a break. The good part about this low moment is that I supplied heaven with an Angel :Dear God, I hope that in her wings there is a little trace of grey and red : my favorite colors you know.

The most exciting moment on the blog happened when we had a photo-shoot giveaway to other Tomboys. Meeting the winner was the highlight of it all. It was a thrill working and walking through someone else’s life and getting inspired by what makes them who they are. More of the giveaways will come, watch this space!!!

My amazing team mates took charge of the blog and put up a surprise post on my birthday. Thank you for the love and in a million worlds, I would still find you and pick you to be my friends.

Having an urge to get a pair of ripped jeans? Please don’t be tempted to buy one. You can simply be your own designer and make one out of the old pairs that you have. Nairobi’s winter is slowly setting in and its about time we start pulling out those jackets and boots from the closet and enjoy the weather.

I am grateful that at the end of it all, you are all helping me walk this journey and keeping me on toes with your: comments, questions, concerns and sharing your brilliant ideas. I am looking forward to the second half of the year, #teamshesatomboy is busy working on bringing most of your suggestions to life.

Love and Love.

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    1. Mwanee hizi pants ndio zinaitwa chino pants? Unakaa vizuri Kama Kama. Now that Niko journey part two I hope I get featured. Crossing my fingers for fan number one.

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