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Don’t stop until you are proud…

Yesterday was my birthday so this post is coming in a day late (Apologies). I had to stop and relish in the moment. There is so much I would like to say about the years that have passed: the person that I have become, the lessons, my wishes for the coming years, the list could go on. I will save all that for some other time.

In the month of March, She’s A Tomboy was nominated for Bloggers award (Best Fashion category). We came so close : curves with style 1324, Miss Turu 1205, She’s A Tomboy 1186. So, as we roll sleeves to keep improving, I would like to share the would be speech. I couldn’t keep it away untill the day we get the title: it’s gratitide deserved.

(I have obviously edited out the parts where  I ululate, and my partners in crime show up dancing in colored sisal skirts)


I take this opportunity to thank God, BAKE association organisers and whoever thought it was a great idea for She’s A Tomboy to be nominated for this award. I am very grateful!

To you readers and followers. Thank you for the love, She’s A Tomboy would not have made it this far without you. Thank you.

Special appreciation to my A’ team : Angela, Vaal, Rex and my photographers: Steve Nelson, Evans Ogeto and Otieno Nyadimo. These amazing team has believed in She’s A Tomboy even in times when I doubted the course. Love and love

Being nominated for the award alongside other nominees whose work I admire and appreciate, was an honour. Winning the title is the dream that will keep us awake (work in progress)!

Everytime that I have doubted myself not knowing what’s next (these moments come every once in a while), God has always sent a sign, quite literally: in the people that I meet, the comments from the readers and the anonymous messages left in my mail box. Please allow me to share an email extract from one of the readers.

“I have been following your blog for sometime now. Myself, I am aspiring to write. I do write. But then, I don’t share them with the world. I am insecure about them. I can take days to draft a piece and later on delete it. Your confidence and charisma has gotten the better part of me. If you can atleast talk to me i will appreciate. Thanks and God bless you.”

With such messages, I get the courage to look at a new day differently. It is my hope that She’s A Tomboy will continue to be the face of courage to anyone out there, with burning dreams in their heart but are too afraid to share it with the world.

Thank you all.

20 thoughts on “Don’t stop until you are proud…

  1. Third was really good for a first trial!!! I am proud of you. And to have you as a friend, is beyond words can express. Aim higher, keep the spirit burning.

  2. You go gal… you make me so proud each and every day… its like seeing a baby born and now running.. may you continue to soar high..blessings mami

    1. Never be wearily worried all along.Your day will come on only if you just keep on trudging and keep the same spirit aflame.I wish you all the best of luck.You will win!

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