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The Wine Barrel restaurant in Bad Dürkheim,Germany

I am on a little tour of Bad Dürkheim in Germany. Please note that I am not a wine person and this post ends with me drinking beer. But, when your attention is drawn to a 1.7M litres wine barrel and a timer across the road to the next wine festival… curiousity gets the best of you.

So we talk no cloth wear today, but share pictures of a wonderful restaurant in my most beautiful city so far. I am still in awe of it’s cleanliness and serenity that surrounds it.

I fell in love with the restaurant’s tastefully done wooden interiors and the lighting used. Wood has been used to maintain the original feel of the barrel in all the three tiers.

The foodie in me had to try their delicious local platter : ‘Fassteller’ which had a variety of traditional pork recipes : German Bratwurst (sausage), Leberknoedel (mixture of liver, pork and herbs formed into balls), Saumagen (stuffed pig stomach with pork, vegetables and herbs), Bauchlappen (slice of the belly)… All these with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut (sour cabbages). Does your stomach feel as confused as mine?

The drinks that followed made a difference : Weinschorle (wine mixed with ‘sparkling’  water) and beer to assure my stomach that we are still in the same team.

I am loving the experience here so far. Let’s see how I long I will survive before I start craving ugali, sukuma and nyama.



Love and Love.


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