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Let’s eat… Salad Ideas

Happy New year dear readers,

Every new year brings new goals of keeping fit and eating healthy. So, this first post is to all of us, who admit it publicly or silently that we need our bodies in good shape.

Ray’s Kitchen will be taking us through the journey: expect more of these posts. As we try to achieve our health goals.

So, here is to a healthier 2018.

Photography by : Otieno Nyadimo

1. Grilled Chicken Fajita Salad


The journey:



2. Waldorf Salad

Very easy and quick…

The journey:



3. Soup and Bread

We call this, just for no reason soup because a little bread is necessary for the soul.


Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts…

Love & Love.

Rael. Tomboy

11 thoughts on “Let’s eat… Salad Ideas

  1. The Waldorf Salad…… interested more on this… don’t know why… hehehe. Looking for ways ya kupunguza kitambi… These are really awesome salad ideas!

  2. Me like!
    Uncomplicated and wholesome. I am not so much into salads but the Grilled Chicken Fajita looks inviting.
    To a healthy US in 2018!

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