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The Shirt dress…

They say happiness is… wearing your boyfriend’s clothes.

Though, I think whoever came up with the idea of a shirt dress Google traces it back to Christian Dior. Dior must have looked at the woman with no man and figured out the best way to fulfill this “happiness” would be the invention of a shirt dress.

In today’s post, I am sharing an effortless wear: an over sized shirt also known as the shirt dress. My choice is simple, just the top and nice shoes because of the hot weather. Though, depending on your preference, you can accessorize it with a belt to highlight your waist. You can wear it with leggings /stockings or dressy boots or sneakers.

Your thoughts?

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Photography by: OJ

Shirt dress: Thrift

Shoes: backyardshoez

Shoot location: Athi River



Love & Love…

10 thoughts on “The Shirt dress…

  1. So I wore this last I visited my mama in the village and the poor woman thought I was naked!she was like….”wanakupasia ya kuvaa chini?hapana mummy niko na short ndani nimemaliza!
    She is probably still praying and fasting
    I love the look

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