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How are you surviving the Nairobi hot temperature?

Take one:

It’s almost midnight and I am stuck….no words to write, a part of my brain is trying so bad to convince me to just let this post slide. Well I can’t because that’s the easy way out and easy is not our way.

For some inspiration, I find myself chatting away with a friend. So, the conversation starts with the Kenyan way of saying I love you.

“Have you eaten?”


“I need some inspiration, can’t find words for tomorrow’s post”

“Think about me on two’s and you on fours…”

“Hahaha, pass. Give me a less silly idea.”

“Think of you and I running a successful company. Meanwhile, only you and me know about our past.”

“Better, but I need a third angle “

“How about, think about the 5 things that connect us. Once you have them, feel free to share.”

“Can only think of two, wait three: we are brilliantly stupid , utterly honest and totally comfortable around or is it with each other.”

“There you have it. Put up a post about comfort, fashion and this hot weather.”

How appropriate, because he didn’t ask to find out what I was wearing.

Linen is my go to fabric in this hot weather: its phenomenal coolness and freshness. It can also be paired up with other fabrics and it’s also easy to wash.

How are you managing the Nairobi heat in terms of your choice of clothes? Feel free to share

Photography by: OJ


Take two:

Love & Love.


6 thoughts on “How are you surviving the Nairobi hot temperature?

  1. So true. Linen has phenomenal coolness and freshness.
    Try switching colours, white shirt and pair of “pink”short pants. Is that shirt pink? Let’s see how you rock a more perfect look in that.

  2. i can’t tell the difference between linen, polyester and silk sometimes…… i just go for naturally light clothes. you rock both in take one n two, all white takes first preference any day.

  3. All white too tricky for me, too conspicuous the pink shade looks good though. Reminds me of my linen suit with the same colour

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