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5 Misconceptions about She’s A Tomboy…

1. Sexuality

Whenever I mention that I’m a Tomboy, the next question that follows is about my sexuality.  Are you Bi/Lesbian? Here is the thing, I am just a girl who grew up with brothers and got comfortable in their world. Being Bi/Lesbian has nothing to do with being a Tomboy.

 2. Too neat to be a Tomboy .

Being untidy is a choice. Are we together?

3. Do I want to be a boy/man?

No. In any lifetime: before, now or afterlife, I would still be comfortable being a Tomboy.

4. Why can’t I be girly girly?

I dress up every once in a while, for occasions or when I feel like. I have make up that I know how to use. But More often than not, I forget that I had a handbag with me, so I just opt for trousers and carry everything (house key, phone & money, sometimes lip blum) in my pockets.

5. Too pretty to be a Tomboy.

Repeat after me, we are made in the image of God! You can’t fight that.

Feel free to share your experience.

Photography by: OJ

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25 thoughts on “5 Misconceptions about She’s A Tomboy…

  1. Tomboy you got more than a million ways to amaze all of your audiences I guess. Very interesting reads you got! Your picture images always very lovely, sexy and attractive too. But what makes me admire em even more is the rich creativity and style portrayed. Very good of you and your personal advisors ++ #yourphotographer

  2. Enjoyed reading through your blog. Keep them coming and the foros are just on point!

  3. Say it louder for the people in the back I don’t think they heard you. I locve being a tomboy and I even have a boyfriend.

  4. I am a Tomboy too….. if I wake up one day and find out I am a man, I will be so dissapointed because I have never wished to be a man

  5. If you dress like a tomboy expect questions about your sexuality. Im sorry but that comes with the territory. You just gotta make it clear that you straight (that’s if you’re actually straight… not being smart just saying)

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