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Live free or die!



“What are you afraid of ? “

I asked.

” Rael, You seem all together and strong willed so I am taking my time to learn and grow. “

“But I have a soft and vulnerable side too”

“It doesn’t show, but all I have is time to get to learn”

This is exactly how I want this conversation to go on:

I don’t have it all together because every piece of me is afraid of something.

Afraid of love; of not being a good lover, not being loved back or loving people who keep leaving.

That I am terrified of not being enough; in what I do or just being a kind human being.

Of sleepless nights; with wondering thoughts on why a friend has told me over and over what his epitaph should read.

Secretly wondering how my kids would look like, what kind of parent I will be to them. Above that, will my partner and I walk together through to the end.

There are days I silently cry at the thought of losing my parents.

Days that I pray and still wonder if I ever say enough prayers to God.

But hey, we are all afraid of things we can or cannot be. Instead, what do we do?

We live, somewhat free of our fears.

What is the best and most thoughtful thing someone has told you recently?

Photography by: OJ




Love & Love.



14 thoughts on “Live free or die!

  1. You are perfect with all your imperfections…every now and again I drift to that moment. This is beautiful piece. 😁

  2. We were talking about how they are missing out on alot now that they do not like sugary food. Then they said,

    ‘You’re all the sugar I need’

    It was amusing at that moment and I remember laughing my lungs out when they said that.
    But later, I was like, it might be a bit of an exaggeration but well, maybe I am not all-lemonade inside, afterall.

  3. Wow, Rael hiyo narration iko so much on point and everyone can relate to it in one way or the other if not all. I love the wonderful photos my work captured in it can’t leave that out. 👏👏👏

  4. this reminds me,
    was told my enthusiasm is contagious was like, are you serious?

    nice article I so relate,

  5. I quit my job mid month.
    That night my partner came home with a bunch of flowers, arms outstretched with a soothing hug.” For the hope of better tomorrow”She said.
    I hadn’t cried lovingly for the longest time.

  6. Sugar,spice and everything nice…i love i love.i love the tie most and wouldn’t mind ukinipa through pass

  7. This couldn’t be more true.
    And couldn’t have read this at a better time.
    Still loving it here.

    1. It’s not late but just on the correct time,remember God’s time is the best,u look s much beautiful new very official, God’s blessings

    2. It’s not late but just on the correct time,remember God’s time is the best,u look s much beautiful and very official, i love your fashion,God’s blessings

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