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Fashion statement 2: Love in the Wind

Dear Tomboys,

I know that you are all not Tomboys but by virtue of association with She’s A Tomboy you are one.

It’s  been a while since there was a new post here. I missed you. Did you miss me like I did? Are you smiling at the whole thought of missing a stranger or someone you only know of on social media?

How have you been? Did you discover new sources of joy? Does your favourite piece of cloth and shoe still fit you well? Did you add extra weight? I have, pants have become tighter, dresses shorter.

Mum is happier that I am finally becoming the well endowed African daughter like she always envisioned. But you know what, you don’t tell a girl that she has grown bigger. It bothers me a bit that my love for food is finally starting to show. Why now 🙂

Are you loved or do you feel loved? Did a new lover come your way? Are there butterflies? Any new marriage proposals? Have you broken someone’s heart? Tell me, I love love stories. The part where you are in love, then the withdrawal then back at loving. How you feel when you see them across the room.

Did you finally get that promotion or new job? Did you quit that job finally and start chasing your happiness? Is someone looking at you and appreciating the fact that you are the reason their tomorrow looks brighter? Did you fire someone?

Which new places have you discovered? New city, new town, maybe a new home. Do you love it. Would you recommend it to us. Would you go there again? Who would you take if you went back.

Do you love God? Do you marvel at how much trouble he has rescued you from? Do you question His existence? What Mountains has your faith moved?

Did you bring forth new life on earth? Wait, is anyone pregnant? Will you please share the experience with us because, I know you can’t stop talking about the miracle you are carrying. How is your adopted child? Are you being a good step parent.

See, a lot can happen in a month. I missed you and I am glad you waited for me here.

Love & love

Dressed by: Omina Otieno
Photography by : Otieno Nyadimo
Shoot location: Diamond Plaza


Love & Love.


14 thoughts on “Fashion statement 2: Love in the Wind

  1. Indeed alot can happen in one month .. cheers to growth and becoming better everyday. Meanwhile the Tomboy is looking all fine in that jumpsuit

  2. Looking mwaaaa, I can see God’s creation has increased, Weight-wise, Wisdom-wise and _____ fill in the blanks

  3. I took a vacation…tripped and fell in love for one week hihihi it was fun to feel my heart again

  4. Here’s what happened, I saw your purple photo yesterday on Facebook and today saw a notification that you’re on Instagram so i decided to check you out and then landed on your blog. Hehe

  5. When here, I am always home. My mind and thoughts always feeding on new educative things that i always look up to. You are an inspiration and yes I missed you too.

  6. You look amazing.. I missed you all this while, hope you missed us too. Sure many things can happen in one month, as you know many do take place in a minute.
    I have realized that my faith in the Lord grows day by day, and am grateful to the most High. Be blessed, and may the good God look upon you.

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