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The good old Dungaree

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Happy New month dear Tomboys 🙂,

Last week’s post evoked mixed reactions from most of you, most of it positive feedback. Encouragement, a sense of belief in how far we have come and a lot of love. Thank you to all of you.

Today’s post is about these timeless pieces.

I love most things that can be worn as one complete piece : jumpsuits and dungarees. Hectic as they maybe when using the bathroom (I only remember this after they are on me), I love the completeness in design in just a single piece. Above that, they are timelines, I am sure all of you have owned dungarees at one point in time and loved them.

There is the simple beige dungaree(gift) combo with a white male vest and the second look is a short jumpsuit. Quite easy and neat looks to pull off anytime.

Any thoughts? Feel free to leave your thoughts and or comments.

Photography by: Otieno Nyadimo

Make up : Zaron Cosmetics


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Love & love


3 thoughts on “The good old Dungaree

  1. I love the jumpsuit…. one because its a short jumpsuit and 2 because its white!
    I will not talk about the shoes….. hiyo ni story for another day.
    Well done tomboy…. salute!

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