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The inbox, 3 years in

Ever wondered what kind of messages hit my inbox? I get this question every once in a while from my friends. Some out of shear curiosity and some to gauge if there is really an impact on the viewers, sometimes just for a good laugh because some people are quite unforgiving.

So, here we go today, 3 years into this, this is how the filtered inbox looks. Unedited ๐Ÿ™‚

We turned 3 yesterday (time since the first blog post was published).

It’s amazing how fast time has flown. We have walked the journey together and 82 blog posts later, I want to say thank you for making the journey enjoyable. Your messages, comments, some mistakes, humor, sarcasm and thoughts have been the foundation of most of the content that we have. Thank you

Here we go:

Photography :Otieno Nyadimo

“You need an Agent….call me”

” Btw, your style of fashion is different and top notch”.

“Love your style Rael. I am and always been a tomboy too, wearing dresses and skirts only for special occasions but the criticism in my life has been more than encouragement. What your doing is amazing because not all girls can stand dressing skimpily. Cheers!!”

“Trust me, your blog is a source of encouragement because more often than not we are expected to fit into societal norms. Keep doing what you do. Hope to meet you one time.”

“Hello admin I hope this finds you well. Kindly allow me to reach out to you here. I’m H, a writer here in Kampala. Photos from this blog were used alongside a story I wrote in Saturday Monitor today. I would kindly like to apologise that these photos were used without your permission. And promise, something like this will never occur again. Thank you so much. And keep on the good work. Regards”

“When will my dream ever come true even for a day,
You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for your response๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข
Kindly just ones, will be much appreciated.”

“I am finding a Tomboy to be my wife, so how can you help me?”

“Wow am inspired You are strong willed, people called homosexual and i lost most of my friends am now an introvert.”

“I can do great tomboy pics for you that I used to be an actor in a girls single sex school. You will love it. Tap on me for a trial shoot.”

“Why call yourself a tomboy?and if yes how are you surviving in kenya?do you feel discriminated about being a tomboy?”

“Hello I jus wonder how you cope with sayings like you’re a female stop claiming masculine nature…you can’t wear trousers to church blah blah story…I don’t like wearing skirts nd gown I don’t feel comfy ..I can’t even walk in heels…how do you cope? I need to your hear your side of the story”

Feel free to leave your thoughts, they keep me going.

14 thoughts on “The inbox, 3 years in

  1. Congratulations Tomboy, I’m immensely proud of how far you have come and the various milestones you have achieved. Keep breaking the glass ceilings. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. i am so upset that i didn’t take your photo when you were in Addis. it would have been a great pleasure and honor to meet you in person.

  3. I like the outfit sweerie cannot wait to cut of the baby fats a wear a tacked in trousers … As for now let me hit the gym…

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