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Blood, sweat and finally love…

“Hola Tom Boy. Have you ever thought of doing a photoshoot with the following props:- -Motorbike(s), -Rugby Pitch, football and attire – preferably All Blacks…given that you like black as a colour, -Skateboard, -Baseball shirts are not popular here, you could give it a go. And choose Yankees you ever decide to do so. -How about a shoot at the gym? With some weights onboard etc, -Garage shoots are rare. It could be a nice to see one”


This is to the reader who left the above message: this months posts are for you and all of you who have asked what my fitness/skincare routine is.

A’m probably the girl you will meet eating, anything anywhere: I see food, I eat food!

I am chatting with Tinah, she say’s she’s having her lunch at KFC but we can talk.

” What’s for lunch”

(She sends a picture of plate with chicken, salad)


“I am on a strict protein diet, so this is my normal”

(We talk about the pictures that Tiger has sent, as she quickly dismisses me to put up the post )

In all honesty, I dragged Tinah to this shoot (She was too excited to notice this) because I don’t have an outlined routine and really no right answer to the skin care bit; I just add glycerine to any body lotion and we are good to go. A’m jumpy, I walk a lot, play badminton every once in a while, I enjoy good sex and do house chores. Does that count for a routine?


is the lady I admire because of her resilience and determination. A lady who has struggled being underweight and now working towards achieving her ideal weight of 62Kgs (currently 57.8Kgs). An amazing soul, bubbly and a cheer leader with a body to die for.

I won’t write about it because Otieno Nyadimo has done a marvelous story with the pictures.  An advocate who works out 5 times a week, has a trainer and watches her diet: protein based. She says, discipline, practice, resilience and consistency  govern her regime towards keeping fit and staying healthy.

Any questions/thoughts?

Feel free to ask 🙂

Shoot location: Alpha Fit gym – Ngong Road

Photographer: Otieno Nyadimo

Guest: Mikhala Tinah Barasa (@mikhala_barasa)

Love & Love.


19 thoughts on “Blood, sweat and finally love…

  1. Weeee! The way i fear weights!!! You made it look cool and something easy… Some of us work out at home and/or on the road! Gym is calliiiiing…. 😊😀

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