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In your dimmest day, you still light up someone’s world



Happy Wednesday Tomboys,

This is probably one of the best shoots I have done since we started this blogging journey. Why? In my most unfit state, I am sure most of you won’t believe this. But, in my most unfit state, I dragged myself to have this done. I love exercising, but over the last couple of months, not much priority has been given to this plus so many other aspects of my life.

There are days that we are present, at our best, give everything the attention it deserves, love our lovers back as much as they do but then there are days that life beats us down. We drown, we are motionless, silent days make more sense and maybe, locking everyone out is all that we need.

Then there are people who pull us out of our insidious pressures of life. Our little girls who are inspired by us and just need a single affirmation that their dreams can actually be brought to life. The readers who wait on our posts because our lives have become their lives. Our crushes, who slide into our DM’s with little reminders that they are our lovers in Waiting. Men and women we love who encourage us, cheer us on and believe in our wildest dreams. The family that keeps wondering when we will start doing the serious things in life… And then, sometimes it’s you. You being your own cheerleader, celebrating your little victories because life is about rising every time we fall.

Just trust the process because even in your dimmest day, you still light up someone’s world.

Photography by: Otieno Nyadimo

Guest: @mikhala_barasa

Shoot location: Alpha Fit gym – Ngong road

Love & Love


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