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Good morning 2019


Happy  new year dear Tomboys,

I hope the first two weeks of 2019 have been kind to you all. Considering my only wish last year was good health for everyone in my life, I am grateful that we all arrived alive .

With good health, I am still up and down trying to figure out bits and pieces of things to do this year.  So here I am casting my wishes, in no particular order, can we all say amen!

  1. Bigger partnerships for the blog
  2. Vlogging: I could go on with a million reasons as to why I can’t vlog but you know what, there is room for growth and trying out new stuff.
  3. Travel a lot more: no limits to places we can go to, as long us the pocket can allow.
  4. Be a better daughter, sister, friend, lover and colleague .

As part of the bigger She’s A Tomboy family, what would you like to see featured on the blog in 2019? Feel free to share your thoughts.

 Today’s photos are from a recent trip I took to Nanyuki in Laikipia county. We have a beautiful country and whenever I can, I explore.


A visit to olpajeta conservancy 


A quick stop at the Fairmont, Mount Kenya safari club



Shall we all have a lovely 2019 🙂

Love & Love.


8 thoughts on “Good morning 2019

  1. The places you visited look beautiful. I agree, out country is beautiful. And you look beautiful too!

    Happy new year to you too! Thank you for sharing your wisheswith us. All the best as your pursue them this year.

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