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The words we say…

I am quietly observing people at a restaurant, trying to figure out what words to put out here. Sipping my coffee away, while staring at my some piece of apple cinnamon cake that I have eaten but my taste buds won’t let me finish it because it’s too sweet.

Seeing that I can’t seem to figure out what to write, I am listening to all the conversations around me hoping that I will be inspired to write.

On my right is a couple on their first date. How do I know? Those questions, the ones that can only be asked on a first date, poor boy child, this lady’s questions won’t stop anytime soon.

Behind me are men discussing a business deal that went well, I love their energy, the excitement in their faces and their determination as they go through the key learning areas.

Across the room is a group of girls, can’t hear exactly what they are saying, but from their body language, it’s some juicy gossip.

Some tables have people sitting alone. Some deep in thought, others enjoying their food while others looking around like me. We are all here thinking about places that we would like to go, things done and undone, lost moments and moments we would never let go. Most importantly, words said and unsaid.

For a moment I get lost in the words I have been told in the recent past with people who have crossed my path.

There are a million words that you will say or have said. Some that will been taken quite literally, some really annoying ones and some that will encourage the people  who cross your path.

  But then again, there are words we are told that stay way longer than they were intended to, knowingly or unknowingly.

Before we go on, is there anyone willing to teach me how to tie a bow-tie?

Here are some of the words from the last couple of weeks that I am creating space for in my heart this year and maybe longer.

  1. “You have a very strong business acumen, go out there and make it work, I will be there to support you in any way that I can.”
  2. “Tulia upendwe” What is that quote about love finding you 😉
  3. “Thank you for teaching me that relationships don’t always have to work”… I love this little girl, she still believes that people you love must stay but this is not always the case.
  4. “I am the man who can make love to you the night before your wedding” … well this is the confidence we need to harness this year.

Some words are utterly stupid, so I will laugh away because who doesn’t need a little crazy in their life. I hope I am also sending words to the universe that are keeping you alive.

Photography by: Otieno Nyadimo
Shoot location: Swiss Lenana Mount Hotel

Love and Love


8 thoughts on “The words we say…

  1. Hmm, its only in a well set-up restaurant that you can be able to meet all this kind of people, from the business guys, to the first date. You made me picture myself seated there. When can you take me there so we can both look around?

  2. This is the kind of restaurant I’ll bring my book and vet lost in it. I kinda love the bustle.
    Sijui bow tie ukifunzwa unifunze

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