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If you ever decide to be anything else, be a Bird…


“Dare to live! Until the very last
Dare to live! Forget about the past
Dare to live!
Giving something of yourself to others
Even when it seems there is
Nothing more left to give.



Grow beautiful feathers, colorful and fluffy ones.

Build majestic wings, that soar through any storms.

Be a confident proud flier, so that when anyone looks above , all they will do is admire your bravery.

Sing, sing harmonic tunes; when happy, soothing hymns when in pain, cheering tunes to celebrate others victory, compose melodies that will inspire every young heart looking up to you.

Grow beaks that only select food that nourish your soul.

And when you perch on branches: strong, weak, slippery or thorny, let your faith in not falling down hold you.

Oh your eye sight! May your eyes see beauty in everything the universe touches and in everyone you meet.

And if you ever decide to be chicken, may you be the tastiest chicken anyone ever ate.

Photography by: Otieno Nyadimo

Top: H&M

Shoot location: The Emory Hotel

16 thoughts on “If you ever decide to be anything else, be a Bird…

  1. Good piece. I’d settle for an eagle. It’s lifestyle is just amazing . How I wish I’d have an opportunity to taste its soup,just to feel satisfied and confident.
    Maybe from that I might just adopt its 7 traits.

  2. I remember when I started following you…..and you were everything I knew I was and then I took a breath for a second and I told myself…….. “naaah”….. I didn’t get that quite right!!!! You are so much more… have the courage to get it!!!!!! And may you be the best chicken luhyas will ever taste 😉😉😉

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