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The anyday, everyday African Fabric…Kitenge



What is the difference between Ankara and Kitenge?

I woke up one day and what I knew from my childhood as Kitenge is now called Ankara. Well, it’s still a fabric

But are you even African if you are not trying this Ankara/kitenge fabric? I don’t know what African story inspires you to wear Ankara, mind to share 🙂 .

I am just a tomboy who had a near zero interest in kitenge, but well, time teaches us to love things that we once never quite bothered about.

Dressed by: House of El

Makeup: Zaron Cosmetics

Photography: Otieno Nyadimo

Have a lovely week, will you ?


10 thoughts on “The anyday, everyday African Fabric…Kitenge

  1. Girl you are ready for the London and Paris catwalk to present these beautiful African attire .
    Uncle Ogish

  2. I gave up on the lies of fundis/designers/seamstress. I now buy off the shelf vitenges (I just can’t get myself to call them ankara, it sounds like makora haha) Peace of mind is key.
    Looking all glam!

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